Value chain mapping and analysis
    Value chain development and intervention design
    Facilitation, brokering and co-creation of value chain development cycles
    Improvement of livelihoods through value chain intervention and creation of enabling environment for active market players
    Value chain and sector development in livestock, poultry and planting
    Identification and quantification of key market opportunities/gaps
    Analysis and selection of promising sectors for VC development
    Global and national trends/developments in the market and industry
    Market analysis/assessments/research of competitors and the products, their customers and suppliers
    Cost-benefit analysis of new market model application
    Agro-processing and marketing
    Agricultural trade fairs and demo-plots
    Business forums
    Exposure visits and learning events
    Building business linkages among market players locally and regionally
    Agricultural project development and writing
    SMART management and implementation of agriculture/rural development projects/activities
    Design rigorous impact assessment tools for selected interventions
    Design intervention models and M&E systems based on international standards
    Baseline, impact evaluation surveys, focus-group discussions, needs assessment
    Stakeholder mapping and power analysis
    Media campaign and advocacy of value chains development
    Alliance-building and strategic partnership building
    Lobbying the government on key agricultural policy adoption and implementation
    Institutional support to farmer unions for advocacy